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Hand sanitizer gel



    For 50 g of gel:

    Ethanol, pure 96%:   35 g
    Carbomer:   0,25 -0,4 g
    Vegetable glycerol:   0.5 g
    Lemon (Citrus Limonum) essential oil:   few drops
    Highly purified water:   14 ml
    AMP (AminoMethyl Propanol):   few drops, until it reaches neutral pH level


Glass rod
Litmus paper
Pipette or dropper


Pour the Carbomer into the beaker with water and stir slowly with the glass rod. In the meantime you need to prepare a mixture containing glycerol, ethanol and lemon essential oil. Add this mixture to Carbomer.

Pour a few drops of AMP, stir and check the pH level with litmus paper as follows:
Take a small quantity of it and spread it on the litmus paper. It should turn light green if the mixture reaches neutral pH level. Otherwise, add more drops (2-5) of AMP until you get this colour.
At this moment the mixture has a gelatinous consistency and it is ready to be poured into the bottle.

NOTE: If you want to get a more fluid gel, reduce the quantity of Carbomer.


Remove the residual gel with a paper towel, then wash the equipment used.

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