Do you want to enjoy only the best of wintertime? With Benedetta’s cream (inspired to Neutrogena), cold and wind won’t irritate your hands anymore.

The actives used in the recipe create a protective film on the skin, make it soft without grease it and, of course, without using oil derivatives.

Here the list of ingredients:

- 50 g of Highly purified water
- 30 g of Vegetable glycerin
- 2,4 g of Panthenol
- 5 g of Olivem 1000
- 4 g of Vegetable Stearin
- 4 g of Coconut Oil
- 4 g of Cetyl alcohol
- 0,6 g of Microcare DB
- 2-3 drops of Lavender Essential Oil or Rose Petals Essence (or another aroma/fragrance of your own choice)

To realize the cream, follow the very clear video tutorial here below :)