What if you could replicate your favourite cleanser, saving some money?
The inspiration for the blogger Patty comes from a good product for sale: just reading the INCI, she found out that she could create a copy of it in few minutes, with ingredients easy to find.

We chose Chiara&Irene’s version, without colorants nor fragrances. For a more delicate face cleansing (beware the cinnamon!)

Here the ingredients:
- Corn starch (or Rice starch) 35 g
- Vegetable glycerol 25 g
- Micronized talc 17 g
- Highly purified water (or flower water, such as Rose or Orange blossom) 17 g
- Corn oil 2.5 g
- Corn flour 2.8 g
- Cinnamon 0.7 g

Here the three steps for producing it:

- weigh and melt the water and the glycerol
- apart, mix all the powders, then add corn oil
- mix it all and knead by using a blender or manually (it’s better if you use the gloves!)

Quite easy, isn’t it?
Check the video made by bio-lover twins (beginning at 04:43).

We invite you to enjoy the complete video: their enthusiasm is contagious :)