Here is the result of our partnership with the talented Lily: a summer cream 3-in-1: nourishing, soothing and helpful for tanning.

1) Nourishing: thanks to the oil mix (Jojoba, Argan, Apricot Kernel and Avocado) the skin is soft and regenerated. Furthermore, the balance of fats and the presence of the beeswax make the cream more compact and pleasant to touch, even when the thermometer exceeds 25 °C...

2) Soothing: Allantoin and Bisabolol reduce the redness related to sun exposure. Even the fluid extract of Mallow is very effective, because it combines anti-inflammatory with soothing properties.

3) Sun-friendly: the Carrot Oil (rich in beta-carotene) and the Walnut Hull oil (which contains naphthoquinones) are very useful to prepare the skin for sun exposure.

Here are the ingredients:

- Highly Purified Water: 53 g
- Vegetable Glycerol: 5 g
- Allantoin: 0.3 g
- Xanthan gum 0.2 g

- Jojoba oil: 2 g
- Argan oil: 3.5 g
- Apricot Kernel Oil: 3.5 g
- Avocado Oil: 4 g
- Tocopherol (Vitamin E): 1 g
- Cocoa Butter: 4 g
- Olivem 1000: 6 g
- Beeswax 0.8 g

- Shea Butter: 3 g

- Carrot Oil: 3 g
- Walnut Hull Oil: 4 g
- Bisabolol: 0.5 g
- Fluid Extract of Mallow: 5 g
- Microcare DB (Cosgard): 0.6 g
- Mineral Sea hypoallergenic fragrance: a few drops (10 to 30).

This is the procedure:

- Pour allantoin in boiling water and stir until it is completely dissolved;
- In a separate beaker, combine xanthan and glycerol, then drop by drop add the solution made by water and allantoin, blending it all;
- Heat the elements of phases A and B in hot water bath. When Phase B is completely melted, add shea butter to it;
- Pour B in A and blend for 2 minutes;
- Put the cream into a cold water bath and stir with a spatula;
- Finally, add the ingredients of phase C one by one, mixing after each addition.

On Lily’s blog, the procedure is well explained, with useful photos. Cool, isn’t it? ;)